Ponyta’s cry heard in Pokémon Sword Shield 24 hour livestream, likely pointing towards Galarian Ponyta


The Pokémon Company launched a live stream for the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield early this morning, starting at 6:30am Pacific time. Despite the stream already going for 6 hours long at this point, not much new information has come out. The stream has focused on a single location of the same image with rarely any Pokémon coming into view of the camera.

Most of the Pokémon shown on the live stream had brief appearances; they come and go in a blink of an eye. However, most of the Pokémon shown in the live stream are not new and are Pokémon we’ve already seen in the game. One of the exceptions is Impidimp, but that Pokémon got spotted in a demo of the game in an earlier event.

With that said, a new ghostly horse figure showed up in the bushes on the right. At first, it was difficult to determine what kind of Pokémon it was. We reported about this Pokemon in this piece here, but now there appears to be new evidence suggesting it may be a Galarian Ponyta.

Our own Adam Newell pointed out how the image of the horse Pokémon seems to have similar features to that of a typical Ponyta. He pointed out the eyes and ears of a Ponyta on the mysterious horse Pokémon.

Galarian Horse

For those that don’t know, Ponyta is the fire horse Pokémon. It is essentially an average horse, on fire. We initially didn’t realize this was Ponyta because of its different colors. When Adam figured out how similar the two Pokémon look like, it makes so much sense.

Recently on the stream, the cries of Ponyta were heard, as well as galloping noises.

Twitter user, The Ruin Maniac Files, was able to make a gif of the mysterious horse Pokémon galloping on-screen during its brief moment on the live stream. The gif makes it more apparent that the strange horse looks just like Ponyta.

If it is a Ponyta, it is most likely a Galarian form of Ponyta. It will probably have a different typing, though the question is, what kind of typing? We at Gamepur think it could either be electric type. The live stream has had several bright flashes on the screen, or a ghost type since it looks pretty ghastly.

The Pokémon Sword and Shield live stream continues; if you want to check it out, head over to the Official Pokémon Twitch or YouTube accounts.