Pokemon Sword And Shield Dynamax Feature Revealed


Today’s Pokemon Direct was all about the upcoming Switch title Pokemon Sword and Shield. The new feature at the center of Pokemon Sword and Shield is Dynamax. Dynamax can result in giant Pokemon. Using the Dynamax mode on your Pokemon makes them much larger, and more powerful. You can use it once per battle, but the Pokemon will return to their standard size after three turns.

Players are also going to have the chance to group up while battling a Dynamax Pokemon in multiplayer Raids. You will be able to play with other players all over the world, and if you beat the Dynamax Pokemon, you will be able to try and catch it in a giant Pokeball.

Nearly every new major Pokemon game introduces a new feature to set it apart, and this one is no different. While we got to see plenty of gameplay and learn a lot about the game, it was the new feature that caught my eye.

Pokemon X and Y brought us Mega Evolution, and Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced Z-Moves. These new systems nearly always play significant roles in the story, so you will need to become very familiar with the new system added with Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Because the game takes place in Galar, there will also be all sorts of new region exclusive Pokemon to find. Some of the names that turned up include Noctowl, a flying Ice-Type, Sudowoodo, a Steel-Type, and Spoink, a poison type.

Pokemon Sword and Shield release on the Nintendo Switch on November 15.