No, the Pokémon Sword and Shield Pokédex has not (hopefully) been leaked


The Pokémon Sword and Shield Nintendo Direct is only a few days away and promises to reveal new information ahead of the game’s official release later this year of Nintendo Switch.

Before all that though, a supposed “leak” of the Pokédex has apparently leaked ahead of that Direct in a few days, reportedly showcasing all the Pokémon that will appear in the game. Some of these include Pokémon we know about while others are questionable at best.

New evolutions, as well as supposed Galar formes, a take of the Alolan form from Pokémon Sun and Moon, are all present within the game, but the naming choices as well as the cobbled together “leak” have us not buying it.

Most leaks that are released before a game’s release are usually fan-made or created to try and gain some publicity of some kind. Sure some of the names of Pokémon in the supposed “leak” are clever, but then you have Pokémon names like Nerviz and Fearliz which seem lazy at best.

There is also no source for the supposed “leak” or any way to give it credibility, yet some people are still convinced it could be true. With all of these glaring thoughts, we feel like It couldn’t be a leak… surely?

If it does end up being true, we will likely have to eat our words later on in the week and honestly, there is no way to tell at this point but it looks and feels like its fake based on what we have seen in the industry these past few years— but stranger things have happened. Guess we will have to wait until June 5 to finally know the answer. But as with most “leaks,” it is always worth advising fans to take anything with a pinch of salt until Nintendo or The Pokémon Company actually reveal official concrete information.