Scorbunny Evolutions Have Apparently Leaked As Raboot And Cinderace Appear Online


Pokemon Sword and Shield Scorbunny, one of the starter Pokemon, has been the victim of some leaks! The starter’s evolutions have finally been revealed; it would seem. The images of the two evolutions, Raboot and Cinderace, appeared on the internet over the weekend.

Raboot and Cinderace are both interesting design choices because they bring the Pokemon in a more humanoid direction. It has also been pointed out that both of them could easily be wearing sporty clothing, and the Galar region is all about huge stadiums and the sport of Pokemon battles. Nothing is known yet about types, abilities, or any other pieces of information other than the names and images included in the tweet.

The internet has been awash with leaks and rumors about the upcoming Pokemon title over the last couple of days, with everything from the number of new Pokemon to the total number of Pokemon in the Galarian Pokedex seeming to leak. Keep in mind, all of these are just leaks and rumors at this point. There has been no confirmation on the accuracy of any of them from either Nintendo or Game Freak.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be the first game in the series set in the Galar region and will feature new Pokemon, mechanics, and trainers for you to interact with. Pokemon Sword and Shield will launch on Nintendo Switch on November 15.