Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Secret Club Reveals New Video


Pokémon Sword and Shield is just one month away from release, and we cannot wait any longer. While waiting for one month might seem disturbing, we got a new video for the game thanks to Japan’s Pokémon Sword and Shield Secret Club. The video is two minutes long but shows how far the game has come ever since it was a subtle reveal back in Nintendo’s E3 Presentation in 2017.

The video features gameplay at a slow but careful pace, showing a ton of detail from the town the player’s in. Unfortunately, there is nothing new demonstrated throughout the video, but more gameplay is always nice to appreciate before the game comes out. The town’s music has a similar yet different sound. While not confirmed, the town’s music sounds reminiscent of the past Pokémon games’ soundtracks. This soundtrack is a lovely throwback, and while we hope for more original music, this is a cool and subtle easter egg.

Everything shown in the video is typical for a starting town, but the world feels much more significant with Sword and Shield being a Switch title. We can expect expanded cities, vast locations, and so much more compared to previous generations of games.

So far, the game is shaping up to be one of the best Game Freak has to offer in the series, despite the controversy regarding not every Pokémon making it into Sword and Shield. With one more month to go, there is still much to know of, such as the starters’ evolutions, possibly more Galarian forms, etc. The games will be released worldwide on Nov. 15.