Pokémon Sword & Shield dual-pack includes majestic steelbook


With Pokémon Sword & Shield now on the Horizon following Nintendo’s Direct, their E3 Direct showing and their Treehouse coverage, Nintendo have revealed their double pack for the game for those looking to go fully into the new games with both titles.

Not only will you get a copy of each game, but you will also receive a beautiful golden steelbook case as a bonus for you to put both game cartridges in. Featuring the two legendary Pokémon of the new games, Zacian and Zamazenta, embossed onto the cover, the steelbook will be available to pre-order in all regions as the release date for the game gets closer.

Set in the Galar region, which is said to be inspired by British culture, you must embark on a journey with several new gadgets, including your Rotom Phone which replaces the classic Pokédex and your trusty bike as you travel across the wild areas of the land, seeking new Pokémon. The gym structure is also back after a change of direction for the last Pokémon game, Sun and Moon. Water trainer Nessa and Grass-type Milo are the first two gym leaders to be confirmed.

New features include a 360-degree camera for an authentic 3rd person adventure, no more random battles as you find them while walking around, Dynamaxing which gives your Pokémon a huge boost in power (and size) for three turns. Lastly, max raid battles that follow a similar structure to that of Pokémon GO, fighting a large boss-style Pokémon in a team of four.

The Dual Pack is not yet available to order in the US, but UK players can pre-order now through the Nintendo UK Store.