Pokémon Sword And Shield TV Spot Has Many, Many Pokémon From Previous Generations


Pokémon Sword and Shield received a brand new Japanese TV commercial, which we bring to you courtesy of Serebii.

The commercial is all about the power of the Pokémon brand over the years, with sprites of Pikachu and all those old pixelated pocket monsters coming along with live-action portrayed gamers playing on their consoles.

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We get to see a vast amount of Pokémon you might be familiar with, from all the different generations included in the incoming games, and that’s kind an effort to push on the nostalgia factor, which is something when it comes to this IP.

You can check the trailer below.


Considering all the things Sword and Shield have been through in terms of the Pokémon included in their Pokédex. It looks like this is a confirmation that all the creatures you see in the commercials are going to be in the final games.

So it serves a double purpose, ultimately, and excites fans of the brand who are now eagerly waiting for more details and for the titles to release on Nintendo Switch come Nov. 15, 2019. Are you ready?