Pokemon tournaments roll out COVID-19 requirements as gaming events reopen

Trainers gearing up for tournaments might want to bring their mask.

Image via The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company is reopening its in-person Play! Pokemon tournaments in select regions, and the tournaments are rolling out COVID-19 requirements for participating venues, players, and organizers to follow for everyone’s safety.

Signs posted at each public entrance must remind everyone of recent known COVID-19 symptoms and ask symptomatic individuals not to enter the venue regardless of their vaccination status. Those who do enter the tournaments (i.e. spectators, players, and event organizers) need to wear their masks at all times and bring their own hand sanitizer with them if they have one. Players will have to sanitize their hands with either sanitizer or by washing them in the restroom after switching opponents instead of giving each other the traditional handshake before and after every Pokemon match.

Every match will be socially distanced by three feet from other matches, spectators, and other places where there are crowds. Tournament venues will have a separate area designated for spectators in accordance with local COVID-19 guidelines regarding social distancing.

The maximum capacity of people participating in Pokemon tournaments depends on where they are held. Tournaments held indoors, like Pokemon Trading Card Game matches and online Pokemon matches within Pokemon Sword and Shield, will allow only 30 participants, while outdoor events, like Pokemon Go competitions, will be capped at 60 people.

No one is allowed to eat or drinking inside the venues during events unless there is a separate food service area that’s strictly operating in accordance to local COVID-19 mandates. If you are planning on attending a Play! Pokemon tournament as a player and spectator anytime soon, the official Pokemon website has more information on COVID-19 restrictions.