Pokimane has big dreams for react content’s future, says streamers are liable for what they create

The streamer doesn’t believe it’s fair to call react content lazy.


Screenshot via Pokimane’s Twitch channel

Pokimane returned to Twitch yesterday after a 48-hour ban from the platform for reacting to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Before she started the stream, she took a few minutes to discuss the ban, her thoughts on the controversy, and the industry’s stance on react content.

Pokimane explained that her ban wasn’t shorter or her punishment lessened because of her viewership. Twitch has no control over the periods a streamer is banned for but legally has to take action when a publisher or IP holder makes a claim.

The streamer accepted responsibility for the content she created, a react stream, and said all streamers are ultimately liable for what they make. Pokimane commented on how streaming is constantly evolving, and streamers are always changing to give their audiences what they want and what gets the most engagement. Currently, that is react content or “TV meta.”

However, Pokimane added that she noticed many people calling react streamers lazy and doesn’t think that’s fair. She admits that react content is easier to create, but streamers must work hard to build up their audiences before they can successfully make it and have a viewership that actively wants to see it.

Pokimane ended her discussion by saying that she has a dream that one day publishers and streamers will be able to work together so that streamers can watch full-length movies and TV shows with their communities. Watch the complete discussion in the video of this stream between 22:23 to 32:07.