Are Adidas Collaborating With Pokemon?

The multinational shoe manufacturers Adidas may be collaborating with Pokémon.

Adidas is one of the top shoe brands in the world, and they are known for collaborating with some of the biggest pop culture franchises in the world. They already release shoe based on the incredibly popular anime Dragon Ball Z, and the television sensation Game of Thrones.

Pokémon appears to be next on Adidas list. Images have surfaced online, showing brand new shoes with Pikachu and Squirtle on them. These shoes aren’t officially confirmed, but the timing for these shoes couldn’t be better. While Pokémon has remained a massive global brand, the upcoming Detective Pikachu Live Action movie is the perfect time to release Pokémon based shoes.

Based on the images, these shoes, if real, look simple yet slick. The pictures of Pikachu and Squirtle really pop out on the shoes. If these shoes do get released to the masses, an April or May release would be ideal. Detective Pikachu is expected to be released on May 10, and having these shoes out beforehand would be the best time.

adidas-pokemon-collaboration-image-1.JPG adidas-pokemon-collaboration-image-2.JPG adidas-pokemon-collaboration-image-3.JPG adidas-pokemon-collaboration-image-4.JPG

Image Source: hugokickz’s Instagram