New Job Postings From Remedy Could Mean a Jedi: Fallen Order Sequel Is in the Works


The Force is strong with the potential for a Jedi: Fallen Order sequel.

Developer Respawn Entertainment, which also counts the Titanfall series and Apex Legends among its successes, has listed three new open positions on their website: Senior Character Artist, Level Designer, and a Senior Software Engineer.

While there’s no official confirmation in the listings to say if it’s a sequel to Fallen Order, the Senior Software Engineer posting says, “We’re picturing someone who is passionate about the Star Wars Universe and is invigorated by the idea of coding third person action/adventure games.” If that doesn’t lead you to think of a new Cal Kestis adventure in less than 12 parsecs, we’ll eat our hair buns. (Too far?)

That line is the closest we get from any of their descriptions outright saying there’s a new Star Wars project happening at Respawn. Regardless of if it’s a Fallen Order sequel or not, fans can look forward to the fact that EA, which holds exclusive publishing rights to Star Wars games for the next four years, plans to give Respawn another go at the universe.

Jedi: Fallen Order did exceptionally well for EA and Respawn. EA said that Fallen Order was the fastest-selling digital launch for a Star Wars title during its first two weeks, faster than Battlefront and Battlefront II, and it was EA’s top-selling Star Wars title on the PC during its initial launch window.