PowerWash Simulator Adding Gyroscopic Controls for Switch In Next Free Update

PowerWash Simulator is finally bringing gyroscopic controls to the Nintendo Switch version alongside other massive updates.


Image via FuturLab

Developer FuturLab has confirmed that PowerWash Simulator’s next update will bring bug fixes and potential new content and add gyroscopic controls to the Switch version. Gyroscopic Controls is a long-awaited feature that Switch fans of the title have wanted in the game since it was first released for the platform.

PowerWash Simulator Switch players are thrilled that FuturLab is finally bringing gyroscopic controls to the game. While the title plays well on Nintendo’s handheld platform, this lack of a feature has always felt like a missed opportunity.

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PowerWash Simulator’s 2023 Roadmap is Packed With New Content, Including Gyroscopic Controls for Switch

The 2023 roadmap for PowerWash Simulator was recently posted on the game’s official Twitter account. It details every new major DLC coming to the game for the rest of 2023, though the statement adds that more updates are planned but not shown in the roadmap. The most interesting detail from the roadmap, however, comes from a reply to a question from a fan.

Despite images teasing DLC for Warhammer 40K and something called The Muckingham Files, Switch fans wanted to ask, “Gyro support on Switch?” The account responded with words these fans have been waiting to hear since the game was released, “That’s coming with the next free update!”

PowerWash Simulator is a first-person powerwashing game in which players clean up various plots of land with powerwashers. Gyroscopic controls on Switch would allow players to aim the spray of their washer by moving the console around. While these controls are only for some, not even having the option is something all reviews of the game touched upon.

The last update for PowerWash Simulator was released on June 29, so the next one is probably still a month or so away. Once it’s out, FuturLab has confirmed that it’ll keep working to bring the game to VR platforms. The latest information indicates that the VR version will be released in 2023 at some point, but there’s no firm date at the time of writing.

The fact that fans are asking the developer about VR versions and gyroscopic controls in a post about actual upcoming content shows the passion of the PowerWash Simulator community. Before the end of the year, the game will be getting the Muckingham and Warhammer 40K DLCs and two other unannounced packs that will only enhance it further.