You Can Already Pre-Order PS5 At One Retailer


This week, Sony has shared some more information about the incoming PlayStation 5, like its final name and the features we can expect to be included in the DualShock 5.

This has led people to be very excited about the console, like if the next-gen is already starting right here and right now, but it’ll still take around one year for it to officially kick-off.

Anyway, there’s one retailer in Belgium that really couldn’t resist and has already opened pre-orders for the PS5, as reported by Game Rant.

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The console doesn’t even have a price tag at this point (my bet is $499), but retailer Game Mania has started to accept pre-orders putting down €50 (around $50).

Doing so at one of the 76 shops of Game Mania around Belgium, you can make sure you obtain a PS5 console as soon as it releases, without worrying about shortages that usually happen when a new piece of tech releases.

It’s still a bit too early for pre-orders at the major retailers around the world, though, so you can expect the various GameStop, Walmart, etc. to start to take those by the time the console gets fully revealed, before or around E3 2020.