Preview: The Spyro Reignited Trilogy is a charmer


When I first sit down to play the Spyro Reignited Trilogy to take in the world that has been painstakingly recreated, I slowly got to appreciate the amount of work that the developers have put into every inch of the game.

The Reignited Trilogy is brimming with small touches that gives it its own charm and makes the world feel truly alive. The remaster of Spyro: Year of the Dragon is no exception.

The third game made its playable debut at Gamescom this week, giving eager fans the chance to try out the remastered “Sunny Villa” level. It was the first time that anyone could crack open those elusive dragon eggs to see the little darling baby dragons come to life.

Its not all sunshine, rainbows, and dragon babies, however. The build at Gamescom uses the infamous motion blur that makes the crisp images look smudged when you rotate the camera. We hope there will be an option to turn it off in the future.

A left turn from the level’s exit portal and round a flight of stairs you’ll find a secret skateboard mini game from the original game, complete with rad late-90s dragon kick-flipping action. Hunter, the previously nude cheetah now sporting safety pads, makes a brief appearance in the skateboard section.

In its essence the Spyro remasters feel like a worthy upgrade to the classic trilogy, capturing everything that was so enjoyable about the games while adding more. You can tell that the developers, Toys For Bob, poured their hearts and souls into the project.

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy comes out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Nov. 13, 2018.