Creator Jordan Mechner Teased New Prince of Persia On Twitter

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Prince of Persia seems to be faded in sands of time, but recently a new game info has been shared on a twitter by the game maker itself. This indicates in coming a time we might see a new version of this game. Jordan Mechner the creator of series re-tweeted a Ubisoft Montreal’s tweet on the franchise. Through the tweet it is not confirmed there is a sure new edition in progress, Ubisoft has clearly indicated in a reply to model and TV Host Chrissy Teigen who asked about the game.

Prince of Persia

Answering on the same Jordan Mechner said: “We’re doing our best to make it happen!”. You can view the actual tweet below. The reply means that a new game might be under development but the makers had not clarified the same. A few screenshots of Prince of Persia Reboot was circulated long back but then nothing came out. Considering those as rumors the developers had not shared any update whether there is anything in development.

Prince of Persia was quiet popular series long back on PS3 and Xbox 360, there was a film based on the series that was launched with the game. After staying in the market for few months the game just disappeared and yet there is no info. According to the tweet, it looks the creator is working to bring the series back. If the game is really under development then this is a good news for those who are waiting to see the franchise reboot.