Prison Architect’s Free Psych Ward Update Is Out Now


Prison Architect’s new expansion, Psych Ward, has released today. The update will challenge you with caring for the criminally insane. It features new types of inmates, new prisoner behavior, and enhanced management features.

The Psych Ward expansion releases alongside the free “Sneezer” content update that adds new objects, walls, floors, and bridges to the game. A full list of patch notes for the free update can be found on Steam.

To deal with the new criminally insane prisoners in the Psych Ward expansion, you will need to build dedicated wings with padded cells, hire psychiatrists and specially trained orderlies, and develop treatment sessions. You could also choose to let these unpredictable prisoners wander among the other inmates, although it can have terrible knock-on effects for your prison.

Criminally insane prisoners need to be dealt with carefully, as mismanaging their needs can turn them violent, and a lack of proper care can lead to escape attempts.

The free updates include a multitude of new features that are sure to please players. The clone tool has been overhauled, along with the planning function, making it much easier to layout your plans for your prison at the start of the game. Fog of War can be turned off midgame, and bridges have been added, allowing you to build paths over roads, water, and land to improve available routes for staff and prisoners. There have also been numerous rebalances and bugfixes, quality of life improvements, and more.

Prison Architect: Psych Ward is available to purchase on Steam for $5.99.