YouTuber ProJared Posts a Video in Response to Previous Allegations


YouTuber ProJared published a response video denying previous predatory claims against him.

Four months ago, communities on YouTube and Twitter became rattled by a scandal involving YouTuber Jared “ProJared” Knabenbauer, his wife Heidi, and a series of sexual allegations from underage fans. In a 42-minute response video posted Aug. 27, ProJared denies the claims made by fans.

There were many accusations against ProJared: cheating on his wife, soliciting nudes from fans, and soliciting nudes from underage fans. The only allegation ProJared denies in the video is that his fans were underage. The video, titled “YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO,” is an attempt to clear his name from these specific accusations. The video addresses two accusers, by the names Chai and Charlie, and attempts to debunk their claims.

Both Chai and Charlie made their Twitter accounts private. One of them is stating it was the result of death threats, and privatizing their account doesn’t mean they lied.

ProJared admits that there was an abusive power dynamic at work and he doesn’t deny that he solicited nudes from fans. He does, however, deny they were underage at the time, or that they fabricated it due to a brain injury in the case of one of the fans. He denies that his behavior was predatory, however abusive it was.

The topic is divisive on Twitter, with fans of ProJared jumping to defend him, while those against him call him and the tactics in his video manipulative. ProJared’s ex-wife, while not mentioned in the video outside a brief request to not contact her, says on her Twitter that she has received more hate since the video than she has all summer.

ProJared mentions at the end that he blames cancel culture for the events and he plans to return to his streaming and YouTube career, beginning with Twitch.