Project Eve announced for the PlayStation 5, gameplay trailer released

End of the world? We have a solution for that.

Image Via Shift Up

A new two-minute video showcasing gameplay footage for Project Eve, a semi-open world single-player action RPG from Korean developer Shift Up, premiered at the PlayStation Showcase. The game revolves around Eve, a woman who is fighting to reclaim a post-apocalyptic Earth from an alien invader.

In the near future, humans are forced to leave earth after the arrival of the NA:tives, an advanced alien race with the ability to take over the bodies of fallen soldiers. Playing as Eve, a lone paratrooper who drops from the Colony onto Earth to battle these enemies, taking back what was lost through fluidly combining attack, defense, and evasive maneuvers to counter the various enemies that Eve runs into along her journey.

Along with utilizing the environment around the player, Shift Up has made it a priority to take advantage of the haptic feedback abilities that the DualSense controller offers, focusing on the different feel each weapon will showcase as the player progresses through the game.

Influenced by games like Nier: Automata and God of War, no release date has been given yet, but the extended gameplay trailer shows off the game’s fast-paced combat and impressive visuals. Although Shift Up is a newer developer, the studio is helmed by Hyung-Tae Kim, a character designer well known for his work in the Magna Carta Series and in MMORPG Blade & Souls.