Project Scarlett Final Name Has Not Been Decided, “Obviously” Has A Price Window


During an interview with GiantBomb at E3 2019, Phil Spencer has revealed he doesn’t know the final name of Project Scarlett. Being Spencer the boss around at gaming for Microsoft, this means it hasn’t been decided yet, so even he wanted he could not give any hint about how it will look like.

“You ask me — you won’t — but what is the name? I honestly don’t know what the name is… We don’t even have a list of names. That’s not where we are yet,” the head of Xbox told the interviewer, hinting at the fact that work on the platform is still very early and only specs have been finalized.

And talking about specs, that’s a given that those will have an impact on pricing and that they were chosen to reflect a certain amount of money being asked to the fans. Spencer said any final decision hasn’t been taken on that, but also that “we obviously have a window we’re looking at.”

As we’ve reported multiple times, Microsoft has been rumored for a long while to be making multiple models for its next-gen Xbox Scarlett family, although at the time being it is willing only to disclose the first details about what should be the most powerful of the two reportedly in the making.

Anaconda, the reported name of the most powerful console of the Project Scarlett family, should be coming at around 499,99 dollars, which is the price of the original Xbox One bundled with Kinect and has been the price of Xbox One X at launch in 2017. It is also rumored to be the price of PS5.