Project Scarlett Reportedly Launching With Powerful Camera


Microsoft has quite a troubled history when it comes to cameras, with the failure of Kinect still vibrant in our memory, but it looks like all this isn’t preventing it from experimenting in the business.

According to a new report, indeed, Project Scarlett would be shipping together with a powerful camera that would help it become appealing to streamers, both populating its streaming platform Mixer and having indirect publicity in the process.

“Microsoft’s camera is allegedly capable of 4K resolution with just a two-frame latency between what is recorded and what appears on a stream,” says a report from Gizmodo, whereas the current Kinect camera at about 8ms to 10ms of latency.

“The tipster claims Microsoft is showing off the capabilities of the camera using a Snapchat-like demo that changes with the in-game lighting,” adds the report, which gives you an idea about how much powerful this tech would be.

Xbox One now allows you to use any USB camera but with a minimal toolset, which doesn’t work for professional streamers. With this type of webcam, instead, streamers would truly have a reason to see in Project Scarlett their next streaming platform when err, mixed with Mixer.

Project Scarlett releases in 2020, so there’s still time for us to take a look at this camera before it officially launches (hopefully not bundled with the console, this time, eh?).