Project Scarlett Price To Be Revealed “As Soon As We Can,” Final Name TBD


In a livestream on Mixer, Phil Spencer has discussed the final name and price for Project Scarlett, which, as you might guess, have not been decided yet. Spencer said in a variety of interviews that the team is not in that stage yet, although the pricing strategy has a window already set to build the specs for the release in 2020.

“I know what it’s going to look like. I think it’s a cool looking ‘new’ thing, which will be interesting, but we don’t have the final ID [Industrial Design] done, so it’s not like we’re going to put out a half-done ID and say ‘this is kind of what it’ll look like’,” said the head of Xbox.

“We’ll wait on that because that’s not really what’s going to determine purchase decisions,” he added, and this really looks like Microsoft doesn’t want to make the same mistakes of the original Xbox One launch as a poor pricing policy has paved the way to PS4 winning the entire generation.

“Even the name,” he mentioned. “I hope somebody is not making their mind or decision on this product based on what it’s named.” In other interviews, he had made it clear that the Xbox team doesn’t even have a pool of names it will choose from when it comes to taking a full decision.

“The price will be important. Clearly, price is one of these things people want to know, and as we’re kind of watching the cost of the components that are coming in, things like tear-ups and other things, trying to figure out what that price is going to be next year… We have a design price in mind, and I think we’re going to hit that, but we want to make sure that everything comes in right, so that’s the price that we hit.”

Spencer made it clear that the price will be “out as soon as we can, so that people can make those decisions,” but of course we expect this to be the last minute reveal, like at E3 2020, in order to keep waiting on Sony and other competitors’ moves as long as possible.