Project xCloud: Latency, Mbps Required, Xbox Game Pass Details

Head of cloud gaming at Microsoft Kareem Choudhry recently had an interview with Eurogamer, sharing a few interesting details about the way Project xCloud is supposed to be working later this year.

First of all, Choudhry said that “near Washington” latency is “really good”: less than ten milliseconds. He commented that “we find more latency in the Bluetooth stack, connected to an Android phone.”

As for the kind of connections we’ll be required to have xCloud working, he revealed that the demos which have been showcased thus far were around 9-10 Mbps.

Anyway, Microsoft is aiming at providing “a really good video feed probably around six to five,” so around PlayStation Now’s current requirement (although in that case, the service goes for 720p straight away).

Finally, the head of cloud gaming also addressed Xbox Game Pass, which we gave for granted to be compatible and supported by the service even though that hasn’t been outlined yet.

From what he says, that’s going to be the case for what matters Xbox One, but it should be a bit different when it comes to mobile devices and PC.

“Obviously GamePass is our subscription service, it’s really where we want to deliver great experiences and value to our customers,” said Choudhry.

“And right now it’s a console product – we have aspirations to bring it to more users and more places. Project xCloud and GamePass are going to co-exist in some reasonable way.”

Last time we heard about xCloud, it was during the latest Inside Xbox, where it was showcased with a Forza Horizon 4 hands on.