Project xCloud Rumored To Be More Powerful Than Google Stadia


There’s a new rumor around about the things that will happen at the E3 2019 Xbox media briefing, and there’s a lot on the plate, trust us. Thurrott’s Brad Sams has proven a reliable source in the past, so we’re glad to report on that and to kick off a couple of news pieces we’ll do on the topic with Project xCloud.

It’s been the elephant in the room for a while now, but we can give for granted that xCloud and all the streaming efforts by Microsoft will be part of the showcase coming on June 9, when here in Europe it’ll be 10 pm CET. We have details about that showing, which sounds rather juicy.

Sams claims that we’ll get to see “new demos of the service,” and fun enough Microsoft was setting up “at one point (…) a demo from a location outside the venue. Meaning, a demo that shows someone using xCloud at home.” He reports that this could’ve not “made the final cut,” though.

As for the specs of the service, which is handled by Microsoft’s data centers around the world, he has “heard that it does best Google’s previously announced 10.7 teraflops,” so it should be more potent than Stadia. The insider does not “think Microsoft will share the raw performance figures of xCloud” by the way.

This information lines up with previous rumors of Xbox Anaconda, the most powerful of the two Xbox Scarlett models releasing 2020, dropping around 12 teraflops of raw power, or so many have commented about the next console. Considering that xCloud will work next generation games out, we think that figure could be believable.

As I said, this is all juicy information for you guys who are eagerly waiting for the incoming E3 2019 Xbox media briefing, where we should also get the final brand of the platform and details on pricing; with the public trial coming this year, we’d expect launch info, too. It’s worth noting that until then it’s just a rumor so don’t give anything for 100% sure.