PS Plus Free Games For April 2019


With games such as Hitman, For Honor, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Sony’s 2019 PS Plus offering has been decent. The offerings have ranged from classic games to underrated titles that deserved more attention. It’s debatable if the service is worth it or not but the 2019 PS Plus lineup has been better than previous years.

For April 2019, the PS Plus lineup includes The Surge and Conan: Exiles. For those that don’t remember, The Surge was a technologically enhanced version of Dark Souls, which means that players were tasked with surviving a post-apocalyptic future where robots have taken over. While the game had its unique premise and style, the game was heavily criticized for essentially being another Dark Souls clone. Nevertheless, the game received decent reviews but didn’t exactly set the gaming world on fire.

The other PS Plus game for April 2019 is Conan: Exiles. Conan: Exiles is a survival game set in the Conan: the Barbarian series. Generally speaking, the game plays like a traditional survival game. Players will hunt, craft, and attempt to build up their character from scratch. Similar to The Surge, the game received decent reviews but wasn’t exactly the highest rated game at its released.

It seems this month’s lineup is filled with AA games that may have been overlooked. This isn’t Sony’s strongest PS Plus month but for people who were curious about these games at their original release, now’s your chance to try them out.