Japanese PS Plus March 2018 Lineup Is Slightly Different, But Not Better


Sony has revealed the PlayStation Plus March 2018 free games lineup for Japan, once again more than slightly different in comparison with the ones playable in Europe and North America for a few possible reasons.

Japanese PlayStation Plus March 2018 Lineup

This time around, it looks like we guys from the West have a better lineup, or at least this is our humble opinion. Let’s have a look at the Japanese PlayStation Plus lineup first, and then we can comment:

  • The Darkness II – PS3
  • Downwell – PS4/PS Vita
  • Bloodborne – PS4
  • Metal Slug Anthology – PS Vita

So there’s one native PS4 game which is Bloodborne, same as Europe and North America. Then we have The Darkness II for PS3 and Downwell, that’s quite a remarkable title but pretty small indie game also released on PC via Steam. It’s available for PS Vita as part of the lineup as well, same as Metal Slug Anthology.

So there are a few reasons why the free games are so different. Most probably there are licensing issues that lead Sony to make them different from country to country and territory to territory.

Then, there’s also to consider the fact that PlayStation Vita is still very popular in Japan, which likely is the reason why Sony wants to keep pushing its free games to offer until it still is this much appreciated.

On top of that, finally, The Memories of Puppets – NieR Music Concert will remain available for free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers until April 7. A neat way to support the game on its first anniversary.

PS Plus western lineup features Bloodborne, Ratchet & Clank and Mighty No. 9 for PS4, among the others.