PS Vita Has Been Discontinued, According to PlayStation Spain


PlayStation Vita is probably one of the most underrated consoles ever, considering the number of great games it has managed to obtained especially from Japanese producers (even though not as big as the PSP, I must say) and the quality of its hardware.

Anyway, this has never been enough for Sony to repeat PlayStation Portable’s exploit, as quite honestly PS Vita has never sold that good, particularly in the Western territories. In Japan, it still has a market, but it’s on its way to discontinuation over there, and that’s official.

PlayStation Vita Discontinued, says PlayStation Spain

For Europe, Sony has never expressed any official statement about the situation, but a first hint at the fact the console has been stealthy discontinued arrive from PlayStation Spain’s verified Twitter account.

A follower asked PS Spain whether the console was discontinued, because he spent several hours walking from shop to shop in order to find one to purchase, and answering to that tweet PS Spain admitted that “actually it has been discontinued, yes.”

So, PS Vita is at least apparently out of production, as the tweet is still on and this answer has not been debunked. It would be great if Sony could come out and explain the situation, also to properly salute the console before it disappears.

Remember that, similarly to PS3, your PS Vita portfolio won’t be replenished with new free monthly games as part of the PlayStation Plus subscription from March 2019.