New Modding Tool That Can Run PS2 Games On PS4


Running old games on PS4 through modding seems unbelievable but there are some who are trying out to find a way to run the old game well on this new console. According to a news published by VG247, there is a new tool that allows users to backup PS2 games and then run them on PS4. This is not an official way it is done by exploiting the vulnerabilities in the console firmware, Sony has regularly provided a patch to resolve such issues.

PS2 Modding

Modders have able to get a vital success by allowing them to side-load games. Through the new exploits they had able access in recent months, users can run games without the check that PS4 firmware performs to verify the game legitimacy. The ps4hen exploit allows the user to a backup PS4 game, this works with PS4 firmware 4.05. Another modder cfwprophet has revealed a tool PS2 Pub Gen that allows users to backup their PS2 games and allow them to play on PS4 through an internal emulator.

This is still a mystery how PS4 handles old games, if they are able to work then it simply means the console comes with backward compatibility for really old games. According to the source news, this new tool by cfwprophet has able to run Shinobi a 2002 PS2 game on PS4.

The mods seem an interesting way for users to test out old games, but these are un-official tools so users have to use them at their own risk. Not many details about vulnerabilities or bugs of these modding tools are available.

Source: VG247