PS4 Reaches 100 Million Shipped Units Faster Than PS2 And Wii

PS4 Reaches 100 Million

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 4 managed to ship 100 million units. The figure is about to sell in and not sell out, so the consoles in the homes of players are slightly less than that, but sure enough, it’s something rather impressive.

As shared by analyst Daniel Ahmad the PlayStation 4 reached this achievement faster than the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii, which are currently among the best selling consoles ever. It took the PlayStation 2 a total of five years and nine months, while PlayStation 4 was five years and seven months.

While it hasn’t provided any official matter on the topic, Sony revealed the news as part of its earnings results for the first quarter of FY2019. In that quarter, ending June 30, the PlayStation 4 shipped 3.2 million consoles to retailers around the world.

Sony adjusted its forecast for the fiscal year, now at 15 million PlayStation 4 shipped instead of 16 million as it goes in its final year as the central console. Their total gaming revenue of 2,200 billion yen or $2.37 billion, down from 2,300 billion yen or $2.90 billion

The total of PlayStation Plus subscribers received a massive boost over the last fiscal year, as it jumped to 36.2 million, +2.3 million on a year-on-year basis. Software sales reached a total of 42.9 million units, 53% of those being digital (+43%).

For the future, the company is making sure that it is bright enough to face the incoming challenges. There’s the future of cloud gaming, even if that means allying to one of its fiercest competitors ever.