PS4 New Cross-Play Policy Reportedly Limiting Cross-Progression


A few hours ago, we reported about PlayStation 4 cross-play getting out of its beta stage. The cross-play functionality is now available for every developer working on PlayStation games.

However, in a recent interview, Gaijin Entertainment, developers of War Thunder, has shared a different perspective. It noted that the newest policy is somehow worse than the previous under one particular aspect.

CEO Anton Yudintsev has shared the game now has gates. It’s locked under a PlayStation 4 to PC and Xbox One to PC cross-play. We don’t know if this will ever get addressed with a sole pool for gamers, but also that cross-progression is being possibly harmed now between PC and PlayStation 4.

“New policies are not just ‘better for crossplay,'” Yudintsev told WCCFTech. “They also add some limitations compared to the old ones.”

“For instance, our PlayStation 4 players are currently able to play on PC [in War Thunder] keeping all their progress on the same account. It looks like that won’t be possible with new policies applied. So we are still discussing this.”

It would be a disappointment to see things happen in the light of a good step forward done with cross-play. If you look at the way Microsoft handles cross-platform progression, it shows a different model. They cross the progression from your game played on the Xbox One to a Windows 10 platform. It’s a better, more optimized method for players.