PS4 5.50 Firwmare Update Beta 3 Now Available, But Not Adding PSN ID Change, Sorry


PS4 firmware is updating to version 5.50, as you might already know, but what you probably don’t know is beta 3 is now available. The latest patch applies at around 450MB, which is quite big for a beta so is probably adding some features.

PS4 Firmware 5.50 Beta 3 Live Now

We say “probably” mainly because Sony hasn’t published a changelog yet and we’ll be updating this news or the news feed as soon as a feature list comes in. At any rate, we’ve known for quite a long time now what’s coming with the patch, so we can check together what’s going to happen soon to your console.

The biggest introduction is system supersampling on PS4 Pro. This means that, same as Xbox One X, your high-end console will be able to run the antialiasing technique by default, not depending anymore by the game’s developers, when playing on non-4K television.

On top of that, we also know there’s a new family management system in place, together with multiple updates to the quick menu and the ability to customize their themes with personal wallpapers.

Still up in the air is the ability to change your PSN ID, something the community has been asking for ages and will probably come soon as hinted at by a recent official Sony survey. But not this time, we guess.