PS4 Firmware Update 6.20 Now Available

Sony has released a brand new firmware update for PlayStation 4, which brings the system up to the version 6.20.

As you would expect with such little fanfare, the update is not major at all and only adds minor adjustements in terms of security.

In terms of weight, it doesn’t reserve any particular surprise, considering it’s coming with the usual 426MB (or 979MB for the recovery version).

It’s an improvement upon 6.10 of course, but this doesn’t mean it’s introducing name changes for everyone.

The feature has been long awaited among the members of the community, but it looks like it’ll need a bit more testing.

As you might recall, the ID change has been ready since the early days of PS3 but Sony decided it wasn’t so important to have it from day one.

So it’s taken around ten years for things to finally wrap up, we know you’re inpatient about it but a little longer wait won’t kill anyone, we guess.

PS4 Firmware Update 6.20 Now Available