PS4 firmware update 7.50 causes error SU-42118-6, more issues

Latest firmware might have used some beta testing.

PlayStation 4 Error Codes

Image via Sony

PS4 owners are reporting issues with the latest firmware update, which brought the operating system up to version 7.50.

The update is causing multiple issues, some of those remarked by an error code relatively new to PlayStation, others only bringing the console not to work correctly.

The newest error discovered by users is SU-42118-6, which is linked to Blu-ray disc drive not working any longer.

Players are reporting that, after updating their console or even when trying to update it, they’re not able to make the disc drive work, whether it’s rejecting the disc or simply reading it. Upon pushing the dedicated button, they can still hear the beep sound, but they’re not able to eject the disc.

Others report even more serious crashes that cause a blank screen and prevent the PlayStation 4 from rebooting again.

Finally, more users are claiming that the update is not allowing the PS4 to connect to the Internet, a major issue they hadn’t met before installing it.

Sony has yet to comment on these reports, but there’s a chance a new update might be coming soon and provide a patch to all those errors.