PS4 Reportedly Getting New Exclusive From A 2nd Party Studio

There’s a new rumor in town for what matters the PS4 portfolio of exclusive games.

While the platform is still waiting for Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II, Sony is reportedly “cultivating” a second party relationship for another game.

According to Colin Moriarty, formerly of Kinda Funny, “there’s a fairly substantial PS4 exclusive yet to be announced from second party.”

Moriarty was answering a fan question about the possibility that Sony would be acquiring new first party studios.

“They’ve done such a nice job cultivating second party relationships that it’s unclear if they feel they need to,” he commented.

“All we know is expansion hasn’t been part of their strategy. Maybe that’ll change.”

Recently, we’ve reported about the rumor that Sony could be in talk with Take-Two Interactive, but that was quickly debunked.

In the past, we’ve heard about a new SOCOM game that could still be in the making for PS4, and there’s a chance that’s it.