PS4, Xbox One And Switch Sell For The First Time In History 1 Million Consoles In A Month

November 2018 was the first time in history that saw three home consoles sell more than one million units in a month in the US.

The record was set by PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch together, reaching the amount of 1.3 million units in total.

NPD November 2018 Sales: PS4 vs Xbox One vs Switch‚Äč

This isn’t the first time three consoles reach this milestone together though, as Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS went beyond 1 million in November 2010.

In total, $1.182 billion were spent on video game hardware in November 2018, with hardware year to date spending up by 14%.

Sales were up 3% year on year, and for what matters unit sales the highest selling console for November was PS4.

In terms of revenue, it was the Nintendo Switch, and it even covered the offsetting revenues of the other two consoles (which are slashing prices for the holidays).

Source: VentureBeat