PS5 Capable Of 4K At 120Hz Gaming, SSD By Default


In an interview with CNET, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan discussed few more details about the technical capabilities of PS5, sharing some new pieces of information that give us a clearer idea of what this console will be able to achieve along the way.

As detailed by Ryan, the platform is going to come equipped with an SSD storage by default, meaning that any console out there will be featuring it and it won’t be exclusive to a specific model. Sony doesn’t plan on releasing more than one model at launch, indeed.

This choice is particularly relevant if you consider that developers will have the opportunity to take advantage of SSD tech, which is said to be custom-designed for PlayStation 5 (do you remember the hard drive-less Xbox 360, don’t you?).

One of the things we’ve already stressed and given for granted is that the SSD will allow the platform to feature faster loading times, something that has grown important with the open world genre completely taking over the world of video games. Especially the first access to those games has become boring.

On top of that, Ryan stated that PS5 – which has been said to support up to 8K, we don’t know whether this is for gaming or just entertainment – will allow players to run their games with 4K graphics and 120Hz, which means that it’ll support twice the screen refresh of most TVs if yours does.

PS5 is expected to get fully revealed around the end of the year and the first half of 2020.