PS5 “Absolutely” Introducing Backwards Compatibility, Says Digital Foundry


One of the topics of the next-generation console war will be the backwards compatibility feature, something Xbox One has fixed this gen and PS5 is set to introduce.

According to Digital Foundry’s John Linneman, there’s no reason to doubt about the introduction of the bc on the next-gen platform by Sony.

“It will absolutely have this. Zero question,” he commented, when asked about the matter by a follower on Twitter.

He recalled that this is on of the main reasons, together with costs, why Sony decided to go for the x86 architecture on PS4.

“It’s become a key selling point once again. PS3 BC was never going to happen but x86 PS4 will be a piece of cake,” Linneman added.

It is worth noting that PS4 is the sole console by Sony thus far not supporting backwards compatibility, even though this feature has become something Microsoft’s famous for.

“Most of their consoles have backwards compatibility and the market has changed since 2013. It was impossible last gen,” he said, indeed. “Now it’ll be simple to implement in comparison.”

So, there’s apparently a good chance that the next-gen console by PlayStation could be implementing this much requested feature.

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PS5 "Absolutely" Introducing Backwards Compatibility, Says Digital Foundry