PS5 CPU Clock To Be 3.2 GHz, Four Times More Powerful Than PS4 – Rumor


While we wait for important news about the PlayStation 5, even better if from official sources, here’s something interesting that could be confirming that the next generation of consoles will genuinely be an important upgrade in comparison with the current.

As shared by Digital Foundry at the latest EGX event (thanks, WCCFTech), the PS5 SoC codenames Gonzalo, Oberon, and Prospero that have been around for a while are real, and this means that all the information that has floated across the internet until now could be almost entirely accurate.

From past tests, we learn that the CPU clock speed should be 3.2 GHz and that the CPU itself should offer 8 cores and 16 threads. This leads to the belief that the console itself will be quite powerful even in regards to the PC platform when it releases next year and that there should not be any particular issue in running full-fledged backwards compatibility.

On top of that, based on a leak by Tum_Apisak (a renowned PC gaming scene insider), we also get to know that the Gonzalo APU should be offering four times more power in comparison with the base PlayStation 4 model, and performances higher than GTX 1080 GPU from Nvidia.

So, all these information have been deduced from recent leaks that we didn’t know as reliable, but now that Digital Foundry has discussed them and dubbed them somehow believable, it’s good to bear them in mind while looking at what the next generation of consoles will be capable of doing.

As PlayStation 5 releases in Holiday 2020, we should learn more details about that around next year.