PS5 Deep Learning Patent Hints At Customizable Experience

A new patent, just discovered by youtuber Skullzi, hints at the potential of the next generation PS5 for what matters user experience.

Indeed, based on this patent, we understand there’s a chance for the console to use deep learning and adapt the entire experience to the player.

The patent has been originally filed in October 2018 and it’s worth noting that a lot of stuff that gets registered ultimately doesn’t get applied to retail products.

Anyway, it’s worth noting that this time around the patent could get a very useful application in regards of the way you play.

Indeed, PS5 could be able to ‘read’ our ability by default and build an experience in all the different games which should be tailored on that.

For example, if the system recognizes you as a highly skilled player, it could implement a level of difficulty tailored on you right away or let you skip tutorials and remove other assists.

Needless to say, that’s quite fascinating and we can see how it could be used in the future of gaming, so it’ll be nice to see if Sony applies this patent to the next PlayStation.