PS5 Dev-Kit Codenamed Prospero


Its time for some brand new next-generation consoles rumor, about PS5. The console has been at the center of a report from tech specialist Gizmodo.

From this report, we learn that the current dev-kit codename is Prospero, like the character in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, the same play that serves as an inspiration for AMD’s Ariel and Gonzalo, weirdly enough.

The report further adds that “earlier PS5 prototypes” have been in the hands of developers since 2018 but that the current dev-kit has only been provided “early this summer,” so a few months after the reveal of the specs.

Also, Gizmodo claims to have heard about the support of ray tracing, which is officially confirmed, but adds that this might be handled differently between PS5 and Project Scarlett. Scarlett’s confirmed to accelerate it via hardware.

Finally, in terms of power, the tipster had to say that the next-gen will provide the “greatest compute jump in any console,” something that is merely looking at the numbers, like teraflops and all, that have been circulating, we’re not very surprised to hear about.

PS5 is also said to have a camera, like Project Scarlett’s, but the latter would be much more powerful as Microsoft would be trying to appeal professional streamers.