PS5 Dev Kit Has “Nearly 13TF GPU,” Claims Insider

PS5 Dev Kit Has "Nearly 13TF GPU," Claims Insider

We’ve already been given a sneak peek at PS5 specifics a few weeks ago, and now that we get closer and closer to the formal announcement of the platform more details pop up on the Internet.

Insider Benji-Sales, well known among the community over at ResetEra for his early reports on sales, has indeed shared more information about the power of the console, before suspiciously removing the tweet.

According to the insider, dev kits are running a “nearly 13 teraflops GPU” which, “pairing with a Zen 2 CPU and (hopefully a ton of ultra-fast RAM)” will make the platform “a beast” overall.

It’s worth noting that dev kits are usually provided with more power than the retail unit when it comes to consoles, so there’s a chance this number could be reduced at least slightly in comparison with the final release.

Looking at that from this perspective, you could perhaps expect dev kits to be a bit more powerful, but sure enough, this gives you an idea of where the next generation is leading to.

Consider that, as shared by Benji-Sales himself, Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studio, Guerrilla Games and Insomniac Games have managed to craft some incredible graphics with half the teraflops count, so next-generation titles will surely look breathtaking.

We’ll have more to report as we get closer to the final announcement of PS5, and likely at E3 2019 where Microsoft will reveal the first details about Xbox Scarlett.

PS5 Dev Kit Specs