PS5 doesn’t support variable refresh rate, according to an early review

Sony confirmed it would.

Image via PlayStation

Early reviews reveal that PlayStation 5 does not support Variable Refresh Rate, even though Sony said it would. According to the details shared by Digital Foundry, the console is not allowing games to deploy their VRR functionalities. This could mean PlayStation 5 could not be equipped with VRR support, despite being promoted thus far. In that case, there’s a chance a pre-release update might introduce it for the players.

Digital Foundry, however, noted that it might well be no games released on PS5 support VRR, which would explain why the technology is not detected.

Variable Refresh Rate is a technology that allows monitors to match their refresh rate to those of games. It is particularly important on titles with unlocked frame rates, as it evidently reduces risks of screen tearing.

“There is no sign whatsoever that variable refresh rate (VRR) is supported on PlayStation 5 right now – and that’s a real shame,” says Digital Foundry.

The review also “tried to get it working on a gigantic LG 75NANO99 native 8K screen, and found that despite flagging 8K compatibility on the box, PS5 tops out at 4K resolution. I also saw no support for ALLM – auto low latency mode.”

All these features are covered by HDMI 2.1, a standard that is actually supporting them natively.

PlayStation 5 has just released a new trailer that discloses launch windows for the upcoming first-party game. The Japanese platform owner has also introduced a PS5 remote play application for PS4, which had never been mentioned before today.