PS5 faceplate maker returns with new name, says it’s now ‘untouchable’ from legal action

A war on console customization.

PS5 Faceplates

A controversial PS5 custom faceplate manufacturer, which has faced a number of legal threats from Sony, is back for the third time. First known as PlateStation 5, the company is now going by CMP Shells and is once again selling its various plates, unafraid of what the console-creator may do.

“The patent is pending and all sales finalized before its approved are untouchable,” CMP Shells’s website writes near the listing of a custom faceplate imprinted with a God of War logo. The company also affirms it has “not replicated anyone’s proprietary design” and that the shells allegedly provide more ventilation than the original.

The site currently has faceplates available for both the PS5 console and DualSense controller, with prices ranging from $49.99 to $69.99. Within each of these product listings, it does state that all sales are final after purchase – so buyer beware.

The unexpected move comes after numerous threats from Sony that ultimately forced the plate maker to close down twice before. In its first attempt, it caught the tech giant’s attention after introducing itself as PlateStation 5. To appease Sony, it then rebranded to CustomizeMyPlates, but was then accused of stealing its intellectual property.

CMP Shells claims that its previous site sold over 2,000 custom faceplates in just 24 hours and is now underway on making at least half of that for the time being. The company’s newest revival may be due to Canadian manufacturer DBrand‘s recent revolt. It, too, is preparing to sell custom PS5 faceplates, and provoked Sony in the process, writing in a statement, “try and sue us.”

So far, Sony has not taken further action, but it typically does only after a few days of these plates being on the market. As the number of faceplate manufacturers grows, Sony may make an example out of these rebellious few.