PS5 Could Introduce 360 Reality Audio From Sony

Sony is looking into introducing 360 Reality Audio in its next generation console, PS5, as shared during the CES 2019.

Head of the Branding and Product Planning Division at Sony Video and Sound Products has indeed revealed that the company is looking into embracing gaming.

“We’d like to start very, very simple, so we can make a good foundation, a strong core, for a future-proof technology,” said Kichiro Kurozumi.

“But of course, we are thinking about two or three directions in the future. One, obviously, is applying 360 sound to video.

But also we’re thinking about what it would be like applied to games. Especially in an interactive capacity.”

Interestingly, the technology is something similar to Dolby Atmos, but implementing it Sony might avoid paying royalties to Dolby while implementing a new solution for audio.

At this stage, Xbox One is the sole platform to support Dolby Atmos, while PS4 has been probably waiting for the platform holder to further develop its technology.