PS5 is officially the fastest-selling PlayStation console in the UK

Sure, because people have actually managed to buy one.

Image via PlayStation

The PlayStation 5 has officially reached one million in sales, according to stat provider GfK. The console achieved the figure in August, just 39 weeks after launch, beating its predecessor the PS4 by three weeks in doing so, making it the fastest-selling PlayStation console in the UK.

The PS4 was ahead in sales in July, but the PS5 took over as more stock came in. Interestingly though, in terms of physical games sales, Nintendo has come out on top, with 43.2% of all boxed games sales being for Nintendo Switch games. The PS5 also outsold the Switch, which came in second in sales, and Xbox Series X/S, which came in third in August.

The result might come as a bit of a shock to some, considering how notoriously difficult it has been to get one. There have been constant shortages of the console since its launch, with numerous Twitter accounts, apps, and even live streams dedicated just to providing notifications for which stores have stock of the console.

How the console will continue to perform is still up in the air. Sony is best known for their first-party titles, and with big names like God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West coming out next year, the console will hopefully be more readily available to meet the potential demand.

While Xbox is currently last place out of the big three in sales, the highly anticipated Halo Infinite is right around the corner. Observers will be taking a close look at what the holiday season sales are like for the console and whether Xbox can catch up to Sony’s success with the PS5.