PS5 Supposed Leak Hints At Launch Price And Lineup


Over the past few days, a series of a supposed leak about PS5 have been dropping on the net, from an anonymous source on Pastebin.

We can’t verify the quality of this source, so we’ve reported just about PlayStation Plus Premium which looked rather believable.

Now, since the Internet is almost filled with this supposed leak, we’ll report more of that, but please take into account that this could be a quite elaborate fake of sorts — most probably it is.

Among the stuff included in the leak, coming from an anonymous European developer, PS5 would be released in 2020 (March or November) at the price of $499,99.

With that price, due to very high specs, Sony would be selling the console at a $100 loss per unit, at least initially.

Among launch titles, we would get Gran Turismo 7 with VR, PUBG remaster which would be f2p with PS Plus, The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima remasters.

The Horizon: Zero Dawn sequel, which we now know is in the making, wouldn’t be ready until 2021, we’re told.

As nonexclusive games, and this is when things get really crazy, we’d have Battlefield Bad Company 3, GTA 6 in Holiday 2020 with a one month exclusive for additional content, the next Assassin’s Creed, the Harry Potter game from Warner Bros., 2-3 more AAA games plus PlayStation VR 2 lineup.

PS VR 2 would be coming wireless, with a resolution boost – up to 1440p – and way less motion sickness in comparison with the current model. The battery would let you play 4-5 per charge.

So, a lot of stuff, and a lot of things we can’t confirm or simply think it’s not going to happen (like Bad Company 3 and GTA 6 so soon…).

Anyway, what do you do of this rumor? Let us know in the comments below.