PS5 To Release In December 2020?


PS5 is one of the hottest topics around – it’s always been but, now that Sony has confirmed it is releasing in Holiday 2020 and has spilled some more details about DualShock 5, it’s even more. So every tiny piece of news is always welcome.

Today we don’t have proper news but a rumor that claims to have more information about the precise release window of the next-generation platform by the makers of PlayStation. And that’s probably not something you’ll be happy to hear.

According to a rumor spread by TweakTown, indeed, PlayStation 5 could be released not in the usual window of half November, just like the PS4, but a bit later, in December. Now, that sounds a bit a weird choice from Sony if you consider that it could give a couple of weeks to a full month of advanced to Xbox’s Project Scarlett.

Also, that would mean that PS5 might be skipping the Black Friday window, which is usually pretty good for tech and entertainment stuff. Of course, Christmas would be fine, as we’re still talking about a December release.

“My sources stated that Sony’s next-gen PS5 will release “in December” but didn’t provide an exact date,” says the rumor.

“I would dare say it would be early December, but I also feel like December is too late. Releasing the PlayStation 5 in October would make more sense for Sony to ride the huge sales of November and right into the Christmas sales of December, but also whetting gamers’ appetites with a huge December release would be equally as significant.”

So, that’s something we can’t verify and will need to further discuss in the future as we get closer to the release, but it’s worth noting that, if this really happens, it might be due to some technical issues like the lack of pieces to properly manufacture the console, or anything else.

Surely that’s not a decision you might take lightly, and we’ll investigate deeper in the future to see whether that’s true or yet another rumor.