PS5 Standby Mode To Lower Carbon Footprint


Climate change is a theme starting to affect gaming, and it’s great seeing developers like Sports Interactive and Sony considering to do something about the problem. Sports Interactive recently changed Football Manager 2020’s package to make it more eco-friendly.

A producer of PlayStation has revealed it is designing the PlayStation 5 to reduce its impact on the environment, entering the program Playing for the Planet. It’s a program intended to lessen the climate impact of video game-based products.

In particular, Jim Ryan, president of Sony, has pointed out the next-generation system is improving the standby feature to make it less expensive in terms of the power. Players can set their PlayStation 5 to standby mode and seamlessly return to the game without the console using too much power. The console is going to use electricity and reduce its overall carbon footprint.

“If just one million users enable this feature, it would save equivalent to the average electricity use of 1,000 US homes,” said Ryan as part of a broader PlayStation Blog post, shared a few hours ago (via VG247). To help with this, Sony is also considering PlayStation VR apps to educate people in the use of the standby feature.

It’s interesting to note how Sony is moving forward with the proper steps to face the fact we’re in the middle of an eco-crisis. Also, from a purely gaming-oriented perspective, the PlayStation 5 is returning to its standby feature debuted with PlayStation 4 and improving it a lot.

We’re waiting for more news on the next generation of consoles, hoping they reveal it for the first half of 2020.