PS5 and Xbox Scarlett “Exist And Are Being Demonstrated,” Says Digital Foundry

According to Digital Foundry, “next-gen consoles” are being showcased to developers and publishers, so it won’t take ages before we learn more about PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

In the description of a video about learning how to defend from supposed leaks and rumors, DF provided some details regarding Sony and Microsoft’s moves.

Next-gen consoles are in development, hardware exists and is being demonstrated,” says Digital Foundry.

It’s quite an interesting piece of information itself, even though it was already shared by analyst Daniel Ahmad that dev kits are in the hands of multiple studios.

Based on his intel, first party developers at Sony are already only focusing on PlayStation 5 to ramp the next-gen lineup up awaiting for a 2020 launch.

“While we are working on bringing you reliable info, one thing’s for sure. There will be leaks this year. Many leaks,” says Digital Foundry.

Of course, we’ll be ready to report those to you, although, as suggested, you’ll need to look very carefully at those you can trust, and those not.