PSN Has 94+ Million Users Active Per Month


Reporting about the latest fiscal year, Sony has shared more information about the PSN and the number of players on the network.

According to Sony, as of March 31, 2019, the PlayStation Network has indeed 94+ million users active per month.

Among the interesting details, the platform owner says that over 90% of the consoles sold have connected to the net over the last 12 months.

As for the time spent on the console itself, Sony reports that players use PS4 for over 21 hours per week on average in the fiscal year 2018.

As for the amount of money spent for the console, instead, the company has shared that they’ve spent over $20 billion for the first time in FY18.

The average lifetime device spend exceeds $700, while the launch year goes as high as $1,600, numbers that give us a clear idea about where the real money comes from (hint: not from the consoles sold).

You can check more details by reading the official document from Sony here.

With Sony moving more and more towards streaming, these numbers are sure enough going to raise, and those of PlayStation Now are going to do that too, especially if the company manages to improve the quality of content as planned.