Microsoft Buys Psychonauts 2 Publishing Rights From Starbreeze For $13.2 Million


With the purchase of Double Fine Productions, Microsoft landed quite the coup last night but it’s also been confirmed that they have purchased the publishing rights for their upcoming game Psychonauts 2 from Starbreeze Studios for $13.2 Million. This means the new game, which still doesn’t have a release date, will be published on release by Microsoft.

The move makes sense considering their purchase, but it had thrown into doubt about whether it will have an effect on the PS4 version of the game. However, fans fears can be put to rest as the Double Fine’s new parent has given their blessing to still publish on PlayStation 4, assuming that Sony licence the game which should be a formality.

This was confirmed in a tweet by Double Fine Studios.

It will likely be the first time that a Microsoft published game will be on a PlayStation console. Minecraft on PS4 is run by Mojang, who is owned by Microsoft by Sony took on the task of publishing for its release. The same could take place for Psychonauts 2, though the franchise is much smaller than that of Minecraft and therefore may see less interest this time around.

The new game is the first from Double Fine Productions since their release of the remastered version of classic point-and-click adventure game Full Throttle. This sequel to the cult classic original continues Raz’s adventure.